Ocean Wave Small Cutting Board


 This bamboo/resin cutting or cheese board is hand made on Cape Cod by Emily Hutchinson.  The small size measures approx. 8" x 5.5" x.4".  Choose the resin pour in a vertical (top in phote), horizontal (on left) or diagonal (on right) design.  Beautiful shades of blue and aqua with white "foam".  They look too beautiful to use, but are food safe!  NOTE:  due to the nature of the resin pour process, no two pieces will ever be alike!  The piece you receive will resemble the ones pictured, but will be a little different!

  • Details

    You can cut on them!  However, we advise not to cut on the resin part as it can scratch.

    Totally food safe!

    A note from the artist...."Resin is a two part, thick viscous fluid that when mixed cause a chemical reaction that over time will make it harden to a very durable material. The waves and other color medlings are made with special pigment pastes, pigment powders, glitters, and paints.  A heat gun and blow torch are used to create the wave and lacing effects and are performed in layers. Each layer takes a full 72 hours or 3 days to cure before it is fully ready for usage.

  • Care

    Hand wash, air dry.   


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