InisBath & Shower Gel

InisBath & Shower Gel


Inis Energy of the Sea - the sparkling, clean unisex fragrance that instantly refreshes and makes you feel close to the sea, no matter where you are. Energizing top notes of lemon and marine, refreshing lily of the valley, and base notes of sandalwood and clove.  

A 7 oz. tube of  refreshing bath & shower gel- a hydrating blue sulfate-free gel full of nutrient-rich seaweed extracts that refresh and hydrate as you cleanse.   Capture the coolness, clarity and purity of the ocean in your bath or shower!

  • Product Info

    Sulfate free.  Seaweed extracts.  Pure botanical based cleansers.  Glycerin.    200 ml (7 fl oz.)

    Made in Ireland.  Not tested on animals.  Paraben free.