Cape Cod Choker


The original Cape Cod choker...made right here on Cape Cod.  

Add a little touch of beachy vibes to your look with this choker made with a AA 10mm freshwater pearl and the Cape Cod Choker silver charm on genuine 100% 2mm leather lace. The closure is fastened with a 8mm pearl and local sailor's slip knot.  Usually available with black, brown or dark brown leather in 14" and 15" lengths.  Currently available in brown, 15" only.  More to come soon!

  • Care & Product Details

    The leather has been waxed to extend its life, but it won't last forever, especially if youw ear it in the pool or ocean.  Water damages leather and will eventually weaken it.  In general, leather wears over time and will develop its own "character".

    Freshwater pears have high-luste and clean skin, with some minor flaws and two pearls are alike is size, shape or color.

  • Choosing the correct size

    If you don't have a seamstress tape measure, take a piece of yarn or string and wrap that around your neck to a comfortable fit marking the point where the end touches itself. Lay the string straight next to a ruler and note the length. Our most popular choker size is a 15"

Leather Color
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